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Welcome to the Institute for the Applied Sciences, a research institute enabling research focused on the applications of the various sciences and technology. Our current research groups are:

Energy Production and Conservation Research Group
Particle Research Group
Technology Research Group
Electronics and Electrical Engineering Research Group
Collaborative Study Methods Research Group

Applied Sciences, the definition

Applied science is a discipline of science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, such astechnology or inventions.

Within natural science, disciplines that are basic science, also called pure science, develop information to predict and perhaps explain—thus somehow understand—phenomena in the natural world. Engineering which includes Applied science developstechnology, although there might be feedback between basic science and applied science: research and development (R&D). Engineering sciences include for example: thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, kinematics, electromagnetism, materials science, earth sciences, engineering physics, and many others.

Medical sciences, for instance medical microbiology and its clinical virology, are applied sciences that apply biology toward medical knowledge and inventions, but not necessarily medical technology, whose development is more specifically biomedicine orbiomedical engineering. Applied science can also apply formal science, such as statistics and probability theory, as in epidemiology. Genetic epidemiology is an applied science applying both biological and statistical methods.

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